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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Stan: Character? (help)

If you haven't seen this comments thread you're missing out on some bizarre stuff. Ok, so apparently Screaming Memes (who according to my reading of the Master Post is just an alter ego of Pastorius who runs CUANAS) got into it with someone named Stan. Who has his own weblog here. Notice in particular that he started blogging in August 2004... after TIWWWB got started. Hmmmmm.

There was a comments discussion over there and Pastorius (or Stan?) has re-posted much of it to the TIWWU comments thread linked above. Bottom line: Stan got irate that Screaming Memes is a parody, and makes vague threats about the authorities. Pastorius tried to explain everything (and seems on the level).

But now Screaming Memes has gotten into a big "argument" with Pastorius (himself?) about whether... CUANAS is fake. So we see right away there's something funny going on.

So here's my question for the TIWWU audience out there: Was Stan ever real in the first place? Should I add him to the TIWWU cast of characters or not? (I'd have to ask Dustin how to edit the Master Post... forgot LOL :-)

It's just, something about Stan just seems "off". How could someone not know that Screaming Memes was fake. Or take Memes's stuff seriously, or be so humorless as to threaten about the "authorities" and whatnot. Seems fishy to me.

So we agree, Stan's a character, right? Someone's alter ego? Could I really be so tone-deaf that I'm wrong about this? I realize that I don't pay as much attention to this stuff as Dustin but even I could always see that Screaming Memes was a parody site. So isn't it a little convenient that a foil comes along who "doesn't get it"? Sounds like the work of... IWW, right?

I think that according to TIWWU canon, Memes/Pastorius are supposed to be the same person, while IWW is someone else. That's what Dustin always says. Now, sometimes the conspiratorial mind in me thinks they're *all* just one guy: Pastorius, IWW, Memes, PWH, and (now) Stan. I'm still kinda tempted to lean in that direction. But I guess a simpler explanation is to go with common sense: there are two people behind this, Pastorius/Memes and IWW/Stan. These "arguments" they have with each other, are their idea of fun & games. So I'm going with this theory using Occam's Razor.

So if Dustin ever gets a free moment from his chickie baby maybe I'll ask him how to update the Master Post to add in Stan, as (yet another) alter ego of IWW.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pastorius on Daisy (and Screaming Memes, uh, also)

Well this blog sure has gone to pot. Why? Well, I know Dustin's got a new girlfriend (how does one make the "whip-crack" sound on a blog?) but me, I've got no excuse. However, with this blizzard keeping me homebound, I decided to check in with my favorite Was Universe. (That being, The Iraq War Was Universe.)

And what did I see? New comments! From Pastorius "and" Screaming Memes, no less. Now, according to official TIWWWU canon, they are the same person. So you might think that's weird. But personally, I still kinda think that all these people - IWW, PWH, Screaming Memes, daisy - are the same person. So, I guess this is no weirder than any other IWW event.

What is that event? Well, it seems that "daisy" has gone missing. Now again, if my theory is correct that daisy=IWW (dustin doesn't endorse this theory BTW), this "event" would be taking place solely in the Proprietor's mind. But I guess TIWWU is the place for recording it nevertheless.

Here's Pastorius's comment about daisy's disappearance, in full:

Hi Everybody,
Pastorius of CUANAS here, not Jaco Pastorius, the noted jazz musician. In other words this is a serious post. I'm posting because I know there are probably many out there in the IraqWarWasUniverse who are wondering where the heck "Daisy" is.

Truth is, I don't know. I have never met Vanessa, the person behind the Daisy character. I have only traded emails with her. I know she lives somewhere in the greater Chicago area, and that she worked in an arty shop of some sort somewhere near Chicago (I think).

Sometime around the beginning of December, Vanessa emailed me and mentioned that she would be going on vacation at the end of the month. So, when she disappeared at first, it did not surprise me. I expected her to be back sometime the first week of January.

I know some people think Vanessa was actually angry with me for the Memes/Daisy sexual harrassment plot twist. I don't think she was. For one thing, I emailed her and asked her if it was ok to take it in that direction before I put up the post where Memes called Daisy a slut.

When she read that post, she sent me an email telling me how hard it made her laugh.

If, at some point, Vanessa did start to get angry with me, then it is news to me. All her pre-vacation emails to me were friendly.

As you might know, Vanessa has quit writing on her site as well. She has completely disappeared.

For this reason, I've actually started to worry about Vanessa a little. But, then I think to myself, "She probably just got bored with blogging altogether."

So, there you have it. That's all I know. Dustin or Daisy, maybe you guys could put this on the front page, so everyone can see it.


Anyway, take it for what it's worth. ;-)

Monday, January 10, 2005

Koufax awards

Ok dudes well isn't this interesting. So much happens when I'm gone. Seems that TIWWWB was put on the nominee list for a Koufax award last Thursday. No I don't know WTF it is either, it's some kind of lefty award's for blogs. Koufax was a lefty, get it? Hardy har. I guess if you're a lefty it's better than calling it the Bill "Spaceman" Lee Awards. Anyway TIWWWB is up for Best Single Issue Blog. (Boy is that ever appropriate LOL :) Also, Screaming memes of the TIWWworld is also in the running (Best New Blog). Congrats Memes!

The... possibility that these two blogs aren't "really" left-wing at all, does not seem to have been raised in either thread. But hey, why should it? They're real, right? Who can say?

So apparently the Commissar guy at Politburo Diktat got a wind of this and gave a.. diktat, I guess, to his readers to go vote for TIWWWB. Check out the thread, IWW's got a few votes, though (sigh) probably not enough to put him (her?) over the top.

But! The plot thickens! Apparently now the guys at Koufax awards have.. figured it out. Figured out that all might not be as it seems, that is. Why, you see, (they say, in an "Update"..heh ;), they knew that these two sites were parodies all along! it was just a "honey pot"! That's why they put TIWWWB on the list on Thursday but then made this "we knew all along" post on Monday. Right? Ha ha so the joke's on us! Don't you feel stupid! I know I sure do! Um.. LOL. Anyway, that's their story and they're stickin' to it.

Just some of the TIWWWBy goodness we've all come to expect.

UPDATE: Oh, and if you read between the lines of his "Update1", what he's saying is he got lotsa emails over the weekend warning him "Hey, psst TIWWWB is a parody dude don't let them spoof ya". But uh, he knew all along. Yup, that's his story alright. ROTFLOL

UPDATE 2: over a day now and still none of the Koufax Award readers seem to have a clue as to which are the two "honey pots". Boy this has been a long round of Final Koufax Jeopardy. That Jeopardy jingle just keeps going and going, getting on my nerves. But of course, the joke's STILL on all of us "wingers"! I sure feel stoopid! (BTW, don't you love how lefties, so incomprehensibly, use "winger" as shorthand for "right-winger"? Um, by dropping the "right" part of that equation, didn't you become too vague? Explain it to me lefties, is a "winger" a left-winger or a right-winger? If "winger" is short for "right-winger" then do tell, what's short for "left-winger"? or is there no such thing as a left-winger? It's kinda like calling Koufax a lefty and Don Drysdale a "hander". Mayks cents2 ME!!!1)

Master Post 7

[NOTES: Ok well I'm back from break. And whaddya know my little dumass blog's still here LOL ne1 still reading? Whatever. What'd I do you ask. Glad you asked. Went to Europe - mostly Prague/Spain (BARCELONA! GENTE AQUI!!! ya baby oh man). Joined up w/Diane for a stretch but she was mostly doing her own thing in London. Um she'll hafta tell you about that... ;-) anyway, I'm back here but I'm like the only one so its either this or play Call of Duty... guess I'll add to the MASTER POST. woo hoo! TIWWWB has a buncha new characters. I'm trying to keep up but it's making me dizzy. adding: behind-the-scenes, Kaeto, Jerry Mander. Also added some stuff to IWW's bio and speculation about true persona (I think he knows some science/math/physics or something like that. It comes out in some posts like "wrong to infinity" etc... I dunno, is this controversial or something? lemme know). Peace out -dustin]


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-Once worked for Google, apparently emptying the trash.
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-Waited on Matthew Yglesias's family at a resort in the Catskills.


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-Presumably conservative and pro-war (Satire Hypothesis).
-Numerous allusions to baseball points to being, not faking, a baseball fan.
-Knows some science, math, or physics.


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I suspect that you are a sheep in sheep's clothing."
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