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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pastorius on Daisy (and Screaming Memes, uh, also)

Well this blog sure has gone to pot. Why? Well, I know Dustin's got a new girlfriend (how does one make the "whip-crack" sound on a blog?) but me, I've got no excuse. However, with this blizzard keeping me homebound, I decided to check in with my favorite Was Universe. (That being, The Iraq War Was Universe.)

And what did I see? New comments! From Pastorius "and" Screaming Memes, no less. Now, according to official TIWWWU canon, they are the same person. So you might think that's weird. But personally, I still kinda think that all these people - IWW, PWH, Screaming Memes, daisy - are the same person. So, I guess this is no weirder than any other IWW event.

What is that event? Well, it seems that "daisy" has gone missing. Now again, if my theory is correct that daisy=IWW (dustin doesn't endorse this theory BTW), this "event" would be taking place solely in the Proprietor's mind. But I guess TIWWU is the place for recording it nevertheless.

Here's Pastorius's comment about daisy's disappearance, in full:

Hi Everybody,
Pastorius of CUANAS here, not Jaco Pastorius, the noted jazz musician. In other words this is a serious post. I'm posting because I know there are probably many out there in the IraqWarWasUniverse who are wondering where the heck "Daisy" is.

Truth is, I don't know. I have never met Vanessa, the person behind the Daisy character. I have only traded emails with her. I know she lives somewhere in the greater Chicago area, and that she worked in an arty shop of some sort somewhere near Chicago (I think).

Sometime around the beginning of December, Vanessa emailed me and mentioned that she would be going on vacation at the end of the month. So, when she disappeared at first, it did not surprise me. I expected her to be back sometime the first week of January.

I know some people think Vanessa was actually angry with me for the Memes/Daisy sexual harrassment plot twist. I don't think she was. For one thing, I emailed her and asked her if it was ok to take it in that direction before I put up the post where Memes called Daisy a slut.

When she read that post, she sent me an email telling me how hard it made her laugh.

If, at some point, Vanessa did start to get angry with me, then it is news to me. All her pre-vacation emails to me were friendly.

As you might know, Vanessa has quit writing on her site as well. She has completely disappeared.

For this reason, I've actually started to worry about Vanessa a little. But, then I think to myself, "She probably just got bored with blogging altogether."

So, there you have it. That's all I know. Dustin or Daisy, maybe you guys could put this on the front page, so everyone can see it.


Anyway, take it for what it's worth. ;-)


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