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Monday, January 10, 2005

Master Post 7

[NOTES: Ok well I'm back from break. And whaddya know my little dumass blog's still here LOL ne1 still reading? Whatever. What'd I do you ask. Glad you asked. Went to Europe - mostly Prague/Spain (BARCELONA! GENTE AQUI!!! ya baby oh man). Joined up w/Diane for a stretch but she was mostly doing her own thing in London. Um she'll hafta tell you about that... ;-) anyway, I'm back here but I'm like the only one so its either this or play Call of Duty... guess I'll add to the MASTER POST. woo hoo! TIWWWB has a buncha new characters. I'm trying to keep up but it's making me dizzy. adding: behind-the-scenes, Kaeto, Jerry Mander. Also added some stuff to IWW's bio and speculation about true persona (I think he knows some science/math/physics or something like that. It comes out in some posts like "wrong to infinity" etc... I dunno, is this controversial or something? lemme know). Peace out -dustin]


(For intro and explanation to this site, see this post. For policy on updating the Master Post, see here.)


iraqwarwrong: Pseudonym (obviously). Nicknames: IWW, IWR, The Proprietor. Fake persona(?), always in character. Blogs at The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog.
True allegiance: Presumably dhinger (Satire Hypothesis). Alter ego of:
Treacher?, Frank J.?. Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: see Bio

Jim: Pseudonym
but could AFAIK be real first name. Nicknames: just Jim. Fake persona,
always in character. No known blogs. True allegiance: Presumably
dhinger. Alter ego of: Treacher? Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch:
college student continually taking "lit crit" class.

Pastorius: Pseudonym (dead musician). Nicknames: Jaco Pastorius, Jaco. Real persona, sometimes fakes IWW style. Blogs at CUANAS,
now under alter ego Screaming Memes. True allegiance: dhinger (see
CUANAS). Alter ego of: Nobody (primary blogger at CUANAS). Known alter
egos: Screaming Memes. Bio sketch: Real persona opposed to
anti-Semitism. Fake persona ("Jaco") based on the dead bass player,
stories of crazy partying &c.

Screaming Memes: Pseudonym. Nicknames: S'Memes, Screaming Meme Dreams. Fake persona. Blogs at Screaming Memes.
True allegiance: dhinger (see Pastorius). Alter ego of: Pastorius.
Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: Real persona see Pastorius. Fake
persona: paranoid.

daisythelamb: Pseudonym. Nicknames: daisy. Fake persona. Blogs at (real persona), Screaming Memes.
True allegiance: dhinger (see Alter ego of: Vanessa
Voelker ( Known alter egos: no other known. Bio sketch:
Real persona, "early-twenty-something, somewhat colleged,
middle-American female. Leans toward rightwing ideology." Fake persona:
female, otherwise very similar to IWW. [sugg. by: diane]

TimT: Real name (Tim Train). Real persona, sometimes fakes IWW style (but not war view). Blogs at Will Type For Food.
True allegiance: dhinger (never seems to fake this). Known alter egos:
none. Bio sketch: Australian, once "interviewed" IWW. [sugg. by: TimT]

EvilPundit: Pseudonym (obviously) for real persona. Blogs at EvilPundit. True allegiance: dhinger (see blog). Known alter egos: Stileto. Bio sketch: Australian, makes funny images. [sugg. by: TimT]

Michle "Stileto" Haris: Pseudonym, fake persona. Fake allegiance: lefty. Alter ego of EvilPundit. Bio sketch: "He is too stupid to spell his own name correctly, and is currently in a state of blog-induced panic. In his disguise of black ski-mask and trenchcoat, he has fled the Bushnazis in Ottawa and is making his way across the continent to seek refuge with his Aunt Sally,
who works as a nuclear weapons designer in Los Alamos."

Pseudonym (obviously) for REAL persona [says BeerMan].
Blogger profile shows two non-maintained ("self-sustained") blogs. True allegiance:
"moderate, socially liberal, fiscally conservative", anti-anti-war.
Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: loves beer, hates the way some cops
act. [sugg. by: TimT, updated by dustin]

The Plimsoul:
Pseudonym. Apparent fake persona. No known blog; comments on Screaming
Memes and presumably somewhere on TIWWWB(help?). True allegiance:
Presumably dhinger. Alter ego of: unknown. Known alter egos: none. Bio
sketch: Um... strange, anti-dhinger. [sugg. by: The Plimsoul,

P. Wallach Hedge: Pseudonym and alter ego of iraqwarwrong? [daisythelamb speculation; see here]. Blogs at: The Iraq War Was Appropriate. Bio sketch: (fake) older, mysterious, very dhinger.

grimace: Presumed pseudonym & fake persona. Blogs at: nosoda. Alter ego of: unknown. Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: similar to IWW.

cloverthe lamb(little): Pseudonym & fake persona. Blogs at: The Iraq War Still Was WronG Still. Alter ego of: unknown. Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: (fake) an actual... lamb, who draws pictures.

Susan: Pseudonym but could AFAIK be real first name. Nicknames: just Susan. Presumably fake persona, always in character. No known blogs. True allegiance: ??. Alter ego of: ??.
Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: (fake) Insecure woman, teacher, had
brief romance with a dhinger around election time & became a Bush
supporter temporarily. [sugg. by Susan] [entry by diane]

behind-the-scenes (scenes, ___ scenes, etc.): Pseudonym. Fake persona, always in character. No known blogs. True allegiance: ??. Alter ego of: ??.
Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: Unknown; recent comer to TIWWWB.

Kaeto: Pseudonym. Fake persona, always in character. No known blogs. True allegiance: ??. Alter ego of: ??. Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: unknown.

Jerry Mander: Pseudonym. Fake persona, always in character. No known blogs. True allegiance: ??. Alter ego of: ??. Known alter egos: none. Bio sketch: unknown.


-Lives in an apartment.
-Wants to be a "Pundit".
-Politically left-wing in a crazy sort of way.
-Played soccer as a kid but was kicked off the team. Still likes soccer in theory.
-Roommate's name is Phung, Asian & Buddhist, who likes baseball.
-Downstairs neighbor is named Arun, probably Indian, a pre-med student.
-Another friend: Cyrus, who came up with the name for IWW's club, "The Lohanim".
-Once worked for Google, apparently emptying the trash.
-Education: Audited some classes at Princeton Seminary. [diane]
-Went to Oregon State University for a while, transferred to Reed College [diane]
-Lived in Iowa, worked in a law office.
-Waited on Matthew Yglesias's family at a resort in the Catskills.


-Seems to have familiarity with rock/pop music from about 1980-current.
-Presumably conservative and pro-war (Satire Hypothesis).
-Numerous allusions to baseball points to being, not faking, a baseball fan.
-Knows some science, math, or physics.


Screaming Memes (Screaming Memes & daisythelamb)

nosoda (grimace)

The Iraq War Was Appropriate (P. Wallach Hedge)

The Iraq War Still Was WronG Still (cloverthe lamb(little))

The Iraq Was Was Universe (me :-) (AND diane!!)


"A wrong war like during the Iraq war was cannot just be sitted idly by by." --The Proprietor

"I have been monitoring your blog carefully, and I am beginning to suspect
that you do not fully support our carnivorous foreign policy of tearing
out the throats of other nations to feast on their flesh and suck out
the juicy oil within. That you may have some sneaking sympathy for the
passive vegetarian role of pacifism, sweetness and light.

I suspect that you are a sheep in sheep's clothing."
-EvilPundit [submitted by TimT]


A "?" by an item denotes speculation/unverified.

Thanks to TimT for the inadvertently inspiring me to use "dhinger" in place of
"pro-war". (If you don't know what a "dhinger" is, why are you reading this?? :-)

in brackets after a data point denotes contributor of data. No name
means I knew it from memory offhand, myself. [dustin]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are your 50,000 thoughts a day creating?

Our thoughts create our reality. This is a simple truth known by all people involved on the spiritual path. It is one of the most taught universal principles in the personal development field. Yet it is one of the most misunderstood!

People practice visualisation, affirmations, they use hypnosis, subliminal programming or countless other tools to transform their lives. However they fail to recognise one key area in their lives that hinder these wonderful techniques from being effective.

They sit day after day visualising their perfect scene and yet nothing happens. Why? They have followed all the instructions to the letter! They have chanted and imagined! They have formed a colourful, vibrant scene in their minds and affirmed that this is their reality. Then all of a sudden things get worse! What is going on?

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Most people believe that if they visualise for 10 minutes a day their lives will magically transform. This is not the case. You must change your core thinking. You think approx. 50,000 thoughts a day. How many of those thoughts are working against your ten minute visualisation?
You can control the thoughts that enter your mind by changing the way you view the world. You can decide which thoughts you give energy to and which thoughts you discard.

The thoughts that you follow and give energy to become more dominant than the thoughts you discard. Your subconscious mind records these as your dominant picture on the issue at hand. You then move towards this picture because your subconscious mind starts making your outside world reflect the picture that you have stored internally.
Your mind should be on whatever you want. The picture you need to have is a positive vision of you already having achieved your goal. To realise this vision you need to focus and concentrate. Remember thoughts are real, they create your reality.
Let's say you have been visualising a new house. You spend your ten minutes in meditation picturing yourself living in your dream home. You finish your session and get up feeling positive that you will achieve your goal. Then during the day you get a heating bill through the post and exclaim "Oh no look how expensive this is I cannot afford to heat this house". Where is your focus in the present moment? What are you affirming? You are telling your subconscious mind that you cannot deal with what you have. You are affirming that your life is not how you want it to be. If you knew without doubt that within a week you would be moving to your new home would you honestly be worried about a heating bill? Perhaps other doubts creep in like "I should be happy with what I have", or "I will never get this house looking the way I want it" and so on and so on.
These thoughts that are not aligned with your goal. You are not giving complete attention to what you want. Whilst you are dealing with these other lines of thought your attention is not on your goal.
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Point your focus in the direction of you're the life you want. Think about what you want NOT what you don't want. It's that simple.

Your focus determines your reality. Change your focus and you change your life. The Secret

March 12, 2007 at 7:52 AM  
Anonymous self hypnosis said...

Visualization is a tool that has been used for thousands of years by initiates of all the metaphysical schools. Today, it is incorporated into top athlete's daily routines and is used in business affairs frequently. It's use is wide-spread among highly successful people, either consciously or unconsciously, aware of its create power. So if it has stood the test of time and is still being used by high achievers we must come to the conclusion that it works! But has it ever worked for you?

If you answered 'yes' to the above question then you know how powerful this technique can be. If, on the other hand, you gave the more likely answer 'no' then take heart for I am about to reveal to you a sure fire way of reaching your objectives through this mostly misunderstood art.

The trouble with visualization is simple - its in its name!

When studying and contemplating the art of visualization most people have the impression that they must create visual images and make them real or life-like. Many people, in fact the majority, find this almost impossible to do. Even if they can formulate a solid picture of their objective they find it extremely difficult to sustain the image for any length of time. Either the image fades, changes or other intruding thoughts intervene.

This type of visualization is almost impossible to sustain and luckily it is not at all necessary. Why? Because it is in the subconscious mind that your visualization needs to be placed and there is good news. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between an imaginary event and a real one. Your visual image only needs to be a strong visually as any other imagined event. However, that is only half the story.

If all you had to do was just imagine stuff and your world automatically changed to reflect your imaginings this world would be full of chaos (not to mention all those creepy crawly bug-eyed monsters!). Therefore, there are a few more steps to complete before the visualization is passed to the subconscious for manifestation.

Let's try a little experiment. Remember a scene from your past that has a lot of good feelings around it. Any good memory will do, like the first time you heard the words "I love you" from your partner, an amazingly spectacular sunset, a great holiday event or your last birthday. Pick one and remember it. How clear is the image? Can you remember any sounds? What way did you feel? Is there any sense of touch, taste or smell? Identify how your memory works. Is it mostly visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or of a feeling nature?

Now we are going to create an imagined event in our lives that has the same strength and potency as that image. So relax and let's go.

Imagine something that you do everyday, something that you did yesterday, today and will do tomorrow. Let us take the example of waking up tomorrow morning. Don't try to add or take anything away, just think about it and analyse the scene. Is it dark or light? Are you lying next to someone in bed? Do you still feel tired? Has the alarm clock sounded? Are you irritable that you have to get up or full of joy at the dawn of a new day?

You will find that the imagined event is very similar to the memory with probably one key difference - your point of perspective. Is the memory behind you and the future event in front of you? Is one to the left and one to the right? Maybe they are both in front of you or the future seems to move in a clockwise direction. Whatever the perspective the thing to notice is that they are very similar in appearance.

Now imagine doing your future event a week from now, then a month from now, then six months from now. Where are those images placed? Are they moving further away, going clockwise, from left to right? This is your time-line and using it is important in visualization as you will see later.

Ok, let's imagine something that is very unlikely to happen and see where it differs from the last image.

Imagine you are sitting somewhere familiar which is extremely comfortable and relaxing to you. Now imagine that a person you know well comes up to where you are and says "hello". Imagine them telling you that they want to show you a new trick. All of a sudden they have three juggling balls. They throw them in the air and begin to juggle with ease. Then they begin to whistle one of your favourite tunes. You suddenly realize that there is a strong smell of flowers in the room and notice a vase of them just behind the juggler. Imagine laughing loudly at the scene and feeling joyful at the experience. Then the person juggling leans forward stands on leg and puts the other leg outstretched behind them. All the while still juggling and whistling. Then they begin to hop on their leg as a small bird flies over to perch on their head. Once you have the imagined event and stayed with it a few moments just let it fade.

Ok open your eyes. What was the difference between the two images? Can you spot any? Did you use more, less or roughly the same senses in your fantasy event as you did in the future one? Did you see them from different angles? Was the picture bigger in one than the other? Was the sound clearer, the feelings more acute or the smell stronger? Take some time and go back to each scene in your mind. How does the future event differ from the fantasy one? Are you looking at both from a different vantage point? Do you see yourself in the image of one but not the other? Analyse the scenes and see where they differ.

Have you identified how the future event differs from the fantasy one? If you have then its time to make visualization work for you! Take a goal that you have been working on or would like to achieve. Nothing too far-fetched at this point please! Pick something that is possible but at the moment seems a little impractical. Once you have it form a mental image of what it would be like to have, be or do that thing or be in that experience. Remember to form it the same way you do a memory. Give it the same strength visually, in sound, feeling, taste and touch - use your mind in its natural state. All you have to do is imagine the scene.

Ok how does it differ from the scene of waking in the morning? Can you identify the differences in perspective, sound, taste, touch, feelings and what you hear?

Now there will be one other key thing that differs in the images- it is very simple but often overlooked. You know that the future event is going to happen! This is reflected in the way we experience the image. So what we are going to do is fool your subconscious mind into thinking your goal is definitely going to happen by manipulating your goal image!

Once you know what the differences are in each image begin to change the goal image so that it is seen the same way as the future event in your imagination. Place the visualized scene in exactly the same position with the same perspective as your future event.

Place it in the correct position on your time-line. You may already begin to feel that the goal is more possible. Visualise in this way everyday and you will condition your subconscious mind to manifest the experiences necessary to make your goal attainment certain.

One more thing to remember: During the day think about your goal often. This reinforces the visualization and will begin to dispel doubt from your mind. lucid dreaming

March 14, 2007 at 10:19 PM  
Anonymous personal development said...

Can you use hypnosis and self hypnosis to improve your health?

Well in 1958 the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association and The British Medical Association concluded that hypnosis was indeed a viable therapeutic tool and approved its medical use.

Although there are many theories, no-one really knows how or why hypnosis works. However, the benefits of its use are clear. It has been used successfully in all manner of treatments from IBS to pre-surgery relaxation and post-surgery pain relief.

Olympic athletes, footballers, basketball layers, golfers etc., have known about the power of the mind for some decades now (perhaps the elite knew even further back). It has been shown in medical studies that when you visualise yourself performing a task your muscles respond in exactly the same way as they would if you were actually doing the task. Sports psychologist have used this to their, and their clients, advantage for years now.

The power of the mind is becoming more evident to the medical establishment as well. Everyone knows about the beneficial effects of using a placebo. It seems that if the mind is convinced that something is true then it will make it true even if the situation appears to be the exact of opposite in the 'real world'!

It seems that the quickest way to get the mind to accept a new belief is through hypnosis and self hypnosis. Phobias can be eliminated in one session now and new beliefs planted in the same aount of time.
The use of hypnosis as a weight-loss tool is well written about as its effectiveness in quitting smoking! It has been used very effectively in non-surgical breast enhancement and treating erectile dysfunction. So it is not very hard to believe that it could be used to convince the mind that health is abundant or that a particular unhealthy situation is reversing itself.

Once the mind becomes convinced that an unhealthy situation no longer exists and that health is abundant then just like the visualiser who makes his/her muscles respond to a mental image the person in discomfort or dis-ease can make his/her body begin to repair itself. Makes sense right!
No-one can predict the scope of hypnosis for healing. However, everyone knows of miracle healings that have taken place when a sick person has visited a spiritual healer, bathed at Lourdes, prayed etc. If these healings can take place then I see no reason not to believe that hypnosis can have the same effect.

Unfortunately, no large scale studies have been undertaken, to my knowledge, that have tested the power of hypnosis to cure chronic or terminal illness but I do believe there is enough evidence to suggest it is a very beneficial tool in recovery. self hypnosis

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